What is Halfpad.com?

 Halfpad.com is a place to post funny or interesting stuff and read what other people have posted.

Why wasn't my post put up?

The following are some tips to help your submission get posted.

1) Images: Include an image. The more interesting the better. Make sure it relates, at least remotely, to your submission.
2) Inappropriate Content: Don't include pornography, etc.
3) Uniqueness: Try to be unique. We don't like to post the same submissions, told the same way, over and over again.
4) Faces: If your submission is unflattering and includes a face, we may not post it simply because it could be used to hurt someone else.
5) Length: The shorter the better. People tend to skip over long text.
6) Is it right for the topic?: We like to keep the theme consistent. So, for example, if you're just venting at someone, and there's no reason to think you haven't told them... thats not really a secret. So don't submit it to the secrets topic.

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